Update Fix: "Offline! Internet Connection Required"


Fixed some issues with the live service...install the new executable to continue accessing codeworks without any hitch. 

Kind Regards 


CodeWorks.exe 7 MB
Jul 24, 2018


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how download?

Will you make a version of this where you can code offline?

soon to be released steam version will be offline... Merry Christmas


 I want to thank you for taking this on.   I am just playing with GG to have some fun and create some simples games.  I think the overall GG concept, capabilities and functionality is in the sweet spot for folks like me.   Unfortunately, the needless uncommented and complicated scripts provided with GG along with the frustratingly inconsistent and buggy scene editor is what I believe is holding it back from being more popular.   I just don't have the time to search all the scripts to figure out all the switches and layers of code others did on the fly.  It is much faster just to recode the scripts themselves.   Unfortunately here too GG falls short in documenting their own Lua API.    GG and others should realize that video alone is not a media for referencing documentation!   That is why your revival of this tool is so tremendous.   Yours is already better!

I'll be doing some testing to see if it works as advertised over the next few days.    

I think Lee B. GG should fund your efforts because this may an opportunity to open up a whole new market layer go GG.


Thanks man... looking forward for your feedback....
It's good to know you found it useful and took your time to appreciate + share your views...